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The Future Of Sustainable Surveillance

Hybrid Geopositioning Technology Built For Your Business

About Us

Unlock your geospatial location data

Supervision Earth was founded in 2019, a start-up company specializing in hybrid newspace solutions for location intelligence and sustainable surveillance. Through unique resources and industry expertise, SuperVision Earth provides clients with an extensive understanding of near realtime monitoring from a 360 degree perspective, including data, trends, detection reports and advanced predictive analytics.

Our Services

Fill your location intelligence gaps with SuperVision Earth's easy-to-use and quick hybrid geopositioning software


The future of pipeline monitoring with Supervision Earth's Automated and digitized pipeline monitoring


Determining the future of forests with Supervision Earth's revolutionary satellite technology


Satellite based monitoring of electric powerlines.

Why Choose Us


Mapping technology that’s built for your business
SuperVision Earth’s easy-to-use and quick hybrid geopositioning software provides the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Increased Accuracy

in detection and localization of risks to your assets.

Fast response

in case of high-risk incidents detected by SVE's real-time monitoring software


lower costs to conventional methods of surveillance, such as ground-based surveys

Increased safety

for personnel involved in asset maintenance and repair; Quick reporting for Quick resolution.

Our Clients

Driving technology for data driven decisions for leading brands