We find it, you fix it.

We monitor gas pipelines for risks every week and deliver warnings directly to your desk.

We discover the following risks

Third party interference

Unauthorized construction by a third party or dangerous agricultural activity


Ground movement

Subtle ground movements exerting strain on the pipeline, as well as landslides



Soil erosion, vegetation overgrowth and discoloration due to methane leaks


How does it work?

Integration into your workflow

We offer a web interface, email service as well as a REST API to integrate our warnings into your pipeline integrity management system.

Artificial intelligence & Cloud

Our cloud-based application compares the most recent data to previous data and applies powerful AI algorithms to detect potential risks.

Satellite images

Our analysis is based on the latest radar, visible and infrared satellite images of your pipeline locations from various providers.

Who are we?

SuperVision Earth is a startup based in Darmstadt, Germany. We started by winning a Copernicus Hackathon in 2018, and have been working hard since then to bring promising remote sensing technologies to the market.


We are four founders with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the field of remote sensing. To learn more about our qualifications, the advisory board and supporting institutions, click here.

Our vision

We believe in data-driven workflows. We believe that lack of up-to-date information about infrastructure and facilities is unacceptable in today's world. Our vision is to combine data from satellites, drones and IoT sensors to enable the best decision-making


Our Customers

SuperVision's pipeline monitoring solution shows great promise for the improvement and digitization of our safety and maintenance workflows. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation beyond the pilot project
Entega AG


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