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Vegetation Management


our vision

With our innovative solution “SensoryGrid”, we want to revolutionize traditional techniques of vegetation monitoring around transmission lines with satellite imaging technology, offering the best chances to monitor network assets in the right-of-way

Problems with Power grid monitoring

Weather Restrictions

The lithium polymer batteries used in drones are very sensitive to moisture.

Low Frequency

Monitoring intervals infrequent, whereby hazardous areas may go unnoticed.

High Cost

High costs for helicopter-based LiDAR monitoring at some sites.

Hazards from vegetation

Repair costs

System Failure

Extensive Maintenance

How our TEchnology Works

Accurate Detection

Reduce maintenance and operational cost with better insight through volume estimation of vegetation.


Fast, flexible and personalised vegetation inventory.

Risk Prioritization

Automatic risk prioritisation for pruning activities.

Transmission Network Location

Greater flexibility in scanning transmission network location without spatial limitation. .


High monitoring frequency and cost effective.

Aerial View

provides aerial measurement to determine the volume of vegetation to be cut.

What SensoryGrid can detect

Vegetation Overgrowth

Monitoring and quantification of vegetation change to identify risk zones

Volume and Height Estimation of Vegetation

Automatic prioritisation of risks for pruning measures

Third party influence

Detection of external influences (construction activities) under or near the power lines


Most frequent questions and answers

SensoryGrid helps electricity DSOs and TSOs to monitor their power and transmission lines using satellite imagery and remote sensing intelligence. The goal is to help companies like yours identify hazardous vegetation growth along your network grids.

Get to know our product here.

With the help of Radar Satellites it is possible to gain visibility even through clouds.

Yes. SensoryGrid can identify high risk zones for pruning activities and vegetation control. 

Yes, of course! We will quantify the vegetation change over time and report to you the amount of trees that need to be cut.

Absolutely! We have greater flexibility in scanning your network location without spatial limitation. 

After receiving the satellite data from our image provider we will instantly run the analysis, so we can provide results in a timely manner.

The price of our service relies on several variables such as the length of your network, monitoring frequency, image resolutions and the duration of the project.

If you would like to get a non-binding offer from us, feel free to reach out to us!

Absolutely! Our reports are customized. We are happy to integrate our results via API in the GIS of your choice. Moreover, we could send the report via email or publish it into our SVS application.