The future

Supervision space application

of pipeline monitoring

SVS: . Monitoring Solution

How does it work?
Machine Learning

Proprietary AI & machine learning model analyses satellite imagery and recognises potential threats


Monitoring experts of our clients receive the threat warning in web app and can analyse it properly

Incident Prevention

If deemed necessary monitoring staff starts a new workflow preventing from the threat becoming an incident

Satellite Imagery

Images of pipelines are downloaded by SuperVision software from satellites around the world

our solution

Vegetation Detection

We detect Gas Leaks and Trees

Detection of Construction

We detect Street Works, Urban Construction activites and Heaps.

Detection of Geohazards

We detect Ground Movement, Landslides and Fires.

Use case: Third-party inference
The Problem
Third-party interference is a leading cause of gas pipeline incidents. This construction activity is happening right next to a DN1000 (1m diameter) gas pipeline.
Our Solution
Our solution detected this risk in less than 10 days from the start of construction, two weeks before a helicopter would.
Demo Version
Our algorithms process latest radar and optical images for timely and accurate risk detection: Combining open source and commercial high-resolution data.
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