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Preventing Pipeline Incidents with Satellite Monitoring


Developing AI innovations to process the latest radar and optical images for timely and accurate risk detection.  


To provide reliable data for better decision making for pipeline operators.


Combining open source and commerical high-resolution data. 

What We detect

The detection we'll need for the future

Landslide in Hilo during hurricane Lane 2018 Hawaii

Detection of Vegetation

We detected gas leaks and Trees / vegetation overgrowth.

Europa, Deutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Raesfeld, Baustelle des Netzbetreibers Amprion, der hier die bundesweit erste 380 kV-Hochspannungsleitung im Erdreich verlegt. Das Pilotprojekt, bei dem auch die Auswirkungen des magnetischen Feldes des Hochspannungsstroms auf den Pflanzenwuchs untersucht werden sollen, wird drei Kilometer lang sein und stellt einen von drei geplanten Testabschnitte auf der 130 Kilometer langen Trasse zwischen Meppen und Wesel dar. Die unterirdischen Kabel gelten als Alternative beim Bau neuer Stromtrassen, sind aber teurer als Strommasten und Ueberlandleitungen. - 

Europe, Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Raesfeld, construction site of the network operator Amprion, who installed the nation's first underground 380 kV high-voltage line.  It is a pilot project in which the effects of the magnetic field of high voltage current on plant growth will be tested. It will be three kilometers long and is one of three test sections of the 130 km-long route between Meppen and Wesel. The underground cables are considered to be an alternative for the construction of new power lines, but are more expensive than electricity pylons and overland lines.

Detection of Construction

We detect street works, urban construction activities and heaps.


Detection of geohazards

We detect ground movement, landslides and fires. 

Use Case

Third-party interference

Third-party interference is a leading cause of gas pipeline incidents. 

Each interference; ground disturbance, construction activity, or vehicle crossing, along any pipeline route is unique and each interference can cause damage in varying scales of intensity. SuperVision Earth’s SVG-GIS detects and reports on incidents’ along the pipeline ROW.

"SuperVision's pipeline monitoring solution shows great promise for the improvement and digitization of our safety and maintenance workflows. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation beyond the pilot project"
Entega AG

Machine Learning

Proprietary AI & machine learning model analyses satellite imagery and recognises potential threats


Monitoring experts of our clients receive the threat warning in web app and can analyse it properly

Incident Prevention

If deemed necessary monitoring staff starts a new workflow preventing from the threat becoming an incident

Satellite Imagery

Images of pipelines are downloaded by SuperVision software from satellites around the world

Our solution

How it Works

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Investing in Digital & clean energy

Satellite Imagery can propel the Energy Sector into the Future

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