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SuperVision in the bi-UmweltBau magazine

We are very pleased that B_I MEDIEN GmbH has published an article about our innovation in their bi-UmweltBau division.

The trade journal for underground infrastructure “bi-UmweltBau” is a valuable source of information for all topics concerning the construction, repair and rehabilitation of pipes and sewers.
It is important to broaden your perspective when you notice that a technology/methodology is working successfully in a field. This potential could double when used in other application areas.
The use of satellite technology and remote sensing methods are arbitrarily applicable and extendable to various infrastructures.
Also the construction industry, which works closely with network operators (the already successful application area), can benefit from satellite monitoring and documentation.

The bi_UmweltBau magazine also saw this potential and we were allowed to publish another article in the name of the company, this time with a focus on pipe and pipeline construction.

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