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Our Team

Karsten Wiertz

CEO & Co-Founder

Jan Kolmas

COO & Co-Founder

Sebastian Bußmann

CTO & Co-Founder

Full Time Employees

Hanna Hilsenbek

Business Operations Manager

Bharath Selvaraj

Remote Sensing Specialist

Christelle Audrey Tchentcheu

Sales Manager


Tunjar Asgarli


Ivan Aksenov


Our Story

October 2018

The founders meet at the Copernicus Hackathon in Darmstadt, win first place enter the Copernicus Accelerator under the name RoadEO.

November 2018

The team wins the Best Pitch Award at the ESA Phi Week – FabSpace 2.0 competition.

December 2018

The team wins the Best Pitch Award at the European Space Week – Copernicus Bootcamp in Marseille.

February 2019

The startup changes its name from RoadEO to SuperVision Earth.

September 2019

SuperVision Earth is named a finalist of the Copernicus Masters Planet Challenge.

October 2019

Kick-off of the EXIST support programme. Begin of incubation at the 100th startup at ESA BIC Darmstadt. Incorporation in Germany as SuperVision Earth GmbH.

December 2019

First customer signs a contract with SuperVision Earth.

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