Louis von Freytag-Loringhoven


Louis has a Master’s degree in Applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis (EAGLE) at Würzburg University. Louis worked at Airbus and Brockmann Consult, where he was developing new algorithms and automated processes for big data. He also excels in communication and presentation skills, having worked for many years as an independent promoter. At SuperVision, he leads business development and customer relations.



Karsten Wiertz


Karsten has an EAGLE Master's in Applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis as well. His work experience spans not only remote sensing and geoscience, but also economics, agriculture, IT and management. At AVM Forstservice, he was able to optimize the company processes, which increased its performance. Combining his technical and soft skills, at SuperVision Karsten is responsible for product development.



Jan Kolmas


After earning a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University and Master’s degree from Stanford University in Aerospace Engineering, Jan worked at the European Space Agency (ESA) in space operations. While at ESA, Jan founded Meteoritech, a startup which offered anomaly detection solutions, and served as a valuable lesson in real-life business. At SuperVision, Jan takes care of finances, planning and operations.




Sebastian Bußmann

Chief Scientist

Sebastian has hands-on experience with geospatial data from his work at the Fraunhofer IGD research institute. Additionally, he is pursuing a Master’s in Applied Geoscience at TU Darmstadt, with a thesis focused on radar interferometry. At SuperVision, Sebastian leads the development of our detection capabilities and automated workflows that let us create a reliable monitoring service.

Advisory board


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dorota Iwaszczuk

Advisory board member

Dorota Iwaszczuk is a Professor at the Remote Sensing and Image Analysis Department of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Together with her research group she works on technical scientific questions in the fields of remote sensing, photogrammetry and image analysis. Her special interests include sensor fusion, co-registration, pattern recognition, semantic segmentation, 3D reconstruction, 3D scene analysis, scan-to-BIM, thermography and crowdsourcing. She teaches classes in remote sensing, photogrammetry and image processing.

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Jakob Schwalb-Willmann

Advisory board member

Jakob is a PhD student at the University of Würzburg and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with an academic background in Earth observation and spatial data science. His research focuses on the machine-learning-driven analysis and exploitation of integrated movement tracking and remote sensing data for geoanalytical applications. In particular, he is investigating techniques to recognize patterns in the interaction of animal movements and environmental conditions. He has extensive experience in using and developing Open Source software tools for analyzing imagery and spatial data, primarily for pattern recognition, and has a passion for visualizing data.

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Dr. Carina Kübert

Advisory board member

Carina is a research assistant at the Remote Sensing Department of the Institute of Geography and Geology at the University of Würzburg. Her interest is the use of earth observation for geographical questions and in view of global change. In various research projects she applies her extensive expertise in the processing and analysis of optical, thermal and RADAR data and shares her knowledge in lectures and seminars.

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Our Story


October 2018

The founders meet at the Copernicus Hackathon in Darmstadt, win first place enter the Copernicus Accelerator under the name RoadEO.

November 2018

The team wins the Best Pitch Award at the ESA Phi Week - FabSpace 2.0 competition

December 2018

The team wins the Best Pitch Award at the European Space Week - Copernicus Bootcamp in Marseille

February 2019

The startup changes its name from RoadEO to SuperVision Earth

September 2019

SuperVision Earth is named a finalist of the Copernicus Masters Planet Challenge

October 2019

Kick-off of the EXIST support programme. Begin of incubation at the 100th startup at ESA BIC Darmstadt. Incorporation in Germany as SuperVision Earth GmbH.

December 2019

First customer signs a contract with SuperVision Earth

Supported by

Das Vorhaben/ Projekt SuperVision Earth (03EGSHE213) wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert