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About Us

SuperVision Earth will help you unlock your Geospatial potential. Detecting subtle ground movements such as land slides exerting strain on the pipeline and asset infrastructure.

Save time with our easy-to-use, quick geopositioning platform

Our platform is an industry leading cloud-based geopositioning solution trusted by global organizations in the agriculture, forestry, and utility sectors. Gain  competitive advantage with our fully-integrated satellite and drone solutions.

Technological diversity
hybrid solutions 100%
24.7 100%
Saved 99%
0 +
Optical Satellites (0.3 meters)
0 +
SAR Satellites (0.5 meters)
0 m+
images captured daily (km²)

Our goal is to monitor, detect and prevent incidents to your asset infrastructure.

SuperVision Earth’s GIS Platform can unlock your spatial intelligence helping your business gain a competitive advantage by enabling you to understand and improve your customers’ experiences. The growing demand for geospatial data is fueling the market growth. With the advancements in technology, your business can leverage the vast data from our SuperVision Earth Platform in a myriad of ways. See how you can leverage Supervision Earth’s effortless platfrom to unlock your location intelligence today!

What we detect

Supervision Earth provides a software-based geospatial Insight platform – a web-based map application – that allows users to explore different facets of the earth from a bird’s eye view. It is an innovative mapping service that lets users search and view geospatial data across various locations, and find relevant information based on their personal interests.


Locate and track your assets, in real time, then export the data for further analysis.
lower costs

More precise, frequent and up-to-date spatial monitoring at best value. We provide a simple, secure and cost-effective cloud-based software service with enterprise-level geospatial data.


No matter the format, SuperVision Earth's powerful satellite data processor allows you to gather, process, and integrate all your geospatial and environmental data.

Zero Emissions

Save up to 99% more emissions than traditional monitoring solutions. Pair your location data with SuperVision Earth’s geospatial data to gain insights on the impact of climate change.

Satellites & Drones

Modern mix of geospatial data, imagery and tools for constant, sustainable & accurate monitoring. Our GIS platform and software allows you to pinpoint precise locations to track and monitor your data.